How To Start Activities Viewer

To start Activities Viewer when ActivityMon is installed as invisible secret password knowledge is needed. Secret password setup is a part of application settings and can be found on Secret Start page. It can be set during the product installation.

Default secret password (if it has not been changed) to start Activities Viewer is ACTIVITYMON. It has to be typed with the Ctrl+Alt keys combination (earlies versions has Ctrl+Shift keys combination). We recommend to set focus to the desktop during the secret key typing. It can be done simply by clicking with left mouse button to desktop part with no icon.

We can also provide our customers with the Activities Viewer startup utility. It can be copied into USB flash disk for example and started from it. To obtain the utility contact us.

If ActivityMon has not been installed in the invisible mode the Activities Viewer can be started using the Start menu of user who installed the application or the Start menu of all users (depending on installation mode used).