Parental Control

Currently it is very easy to access violated materials especially through the internet. And they are accessible even for your children. As a parents you are responsible for them, including the time you are not with them. ActivityMon products will help you with the knowledge what are your children doing. You will be informed about the CDs and DVDs inserted & played, programs installed & deinstalled, inserted USB flash disks, etc.

ActivityMon Home
1 license price
€35 without VAT

ActivityMon Family
1 license price
€89 without VAT

Why to buy ActivityMon Home/Family

  • find out what are your children doing on the computer in the time you are out of home. A lot of violated material is published on the internet and can be viewed by your children. Many people you will not probably like can also contact your children on chats.
  • do not allow your children to spend the whole night in front of the computer - ActivityMon has the feature to automatically log off users in specified time interval.
  • ActivityMon is able to monitor inserted media such as CDs, DVDs or USB flash disks. With this feature you will be able to find out who installed and then uninstalled some application (in the worst case the infected one). The list of played external media will be available to you too.
  • was your critical data copied from the computer? Do you want to know who was logged in the critical time range? ActivityMon is the right application to monitor such things for you.
  • check the communication of your children on internet chats, ICQ or Windows Messenger and generally on all chat clients. You never know who your child is going to meet on the chat.
  • do you think your children are wasting their time with computer games too much? With ActivityMon you can list all the applications used with the amount of time spent with them. You can you this feature not only to restrict your child: maybe you will see he or she is learning on the internet or using wikipedia. In such a case it is a time for a small gift ;-)
  • do you often see the message that computer has not been shutdowned properly when you start it? And the each member of the family tolds you "I didn't do that"? It's the time for ActivityMon to find the "deliquent" :-)
  • Supported operating systems

    Windows 10/8.1/8
    Windows 7
    Windows Vista/XP

    Both 32bit and 64bit platforms of listed operating systems are supported.